About Monday Stories

I’ve been saying I’m a writer for years now. I participate in National Novel Writing Month every year. I’ve written a couple of tech books. But I have a hard time actually getting myself to write fiction, which is my medium of choice, on a regular basis.

So I’m making a promise. Once a week for (at least) a year I’m going to post a new story. Every week.  On Friday. I’m making no promises about quality, editing, genre, or anything else. The only two (somewhat random) requirements I’m placing on myself are these:

  1. Each story must be self contained. No chapters of a longer story
  2. Each story must be at least 1000 words long.

I’ll tag my stories with genres, and just because each story is self contained doesn’t mean they might not continue or add on to one another.

Also, this is only counting stories I post on Monday. I may post more stories on other days, if I’m having a really prolific week, but posting three stories this week doesn’t get me off the hook for next week.

I guess that’s also the promise.

If you have a story you’d like to contribute; if you’d like to start writing weekly stories as well, let me know! I have some restrictions concerning what I’ll put on a site with my name on it, but I’m open to submissions!

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